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The move away from the smallholding 1988, although heart-wrenching, freed up time for full-time painting. The proximity to the exhilarating North Cornish coast also had an impact; "Coming to live at Tintagel has had a considerable influence on my painting. The greater light, the openness of the landscape and the sea and this amazing drama."* Caeria would often take her sketchbooks out to the cliffs to draw, and sometimes take a board and paints. The cottage loft was converted into a studio where she could set up still life arrangements and even teach painting to a few pupils. The privacy of the studio allowed her to explore her complex ideas and concerns through a more conceptual approach. Working prodigiously meant she could at last start exhibiting more often and more widely; toward this end she, Henry and five other painters formed The North Cornwall Seven group.

*from an interview in The Western Morning News 16/02/01

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